Hotel Riviera Cattolica

Those who love the craft of the welcome it gives its guests a warm welcome and sincere: it is a typical tradition of our beloved Romagna!

We have twenty years of experience behind us, and every day spent with you fills us with joy. Your holidays are precious treasures, and we will take care!

The Riviera hotel offers a hospitality-rich “heart” of romagna: services for families and children, food plentiful and tasty, sea and land. In addition, we are in an ideal location: quiet and close to the sea. We are on the road that joins via Dante and viale Carducci! The area's most beautiful and colorful of the Catholic summer!

The Swimming Pool

The guests of hotel Riviera have the pleasant chance to get wet and cool off in the large swimming pool at hotel Arena, adjacent to the Riviera! The swimming pool at hotel Arena, reachable by simply crossing an entrance, has a height measuring stick and can entertain the little guests of the Riviera hotel. But we are sure that the whole family will love splashing around in the pool and have fun all together!

Children's play Area

Children are you ready? For you there is a special welcome at the hotel Riviera! For example, there is a play area designed just for you, to make you play and have fun with fun and safety. Also, during the meals, there is a nice baby sitter that, if you want it, will keep you company! In this way, your parents can eat with calm and serenity, and take a little parenthesis at the table with them.

On The Beach

We are affiliated with the Zone 99, right at the bottom of our Cleats. You expect a swimming pool, whirlpool, gym, entertainment, group dances, mini club, baby sitting, and everything that can serve for an experience at the sea-exciting! Our beach is at the service of your experience, with all its vibrancy, and joy!


It is no wonder if our Cattolica both loved so much. Has a personality, cheerful, but at the same time, is a quiet town, which suits him in a particular way to accommodate families with children. But not only that, even couples and sports lovers can find many opportunities to stay here in the queen of the Adriatic. You never get bored in Cattolica!

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