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The holiday in Cattolica has surprising aspects: whatever the dates of your stay, find out about events, and the beauty of what is happening in those same days in our magical Hinterland.
We will be glad to inform you all of the information possible, so that you can see from the inside the beauty of our area!

The area is dotted with villages that have a special charm that everyone has a his time, a unique story. These are strongholds of the medieval conflicts between the lordship of rimini of the Malatesta, and the duchy of the marches of Federico da Montefeltro.

The Castles

Special mention deserve two castles of the most famous town: Gradara and San Leo. Gradara is consumed with tragic end, the love story is more well-known of all times: the one between Paolo and Francesca, the famous lovers in dante's comedy. Gradara is really beautiful and incredibly preserved and easy to reach from Cattolica thanks to a comfortable train shuttle. Its events the most popular are in February, dedicated to lovers, and at the beginning of August, with the Magic Castle. In this second event, the whole village is populated by elves, gnomes, live shows and artists of great stature. It's a magic to discover and to live!

San Leo

San Leo was the town where he was confined, the famous alchemist and healer, Cagliostrowas involved in the scandal of the diamond necklace of marie Antoinette and a friend of figures such as Goethe and Shiller. He was sentenced to death, in 1790, and later pardoned by pope Pius VI commuted the sentence to life in prison, at San Leo. You can still visit his cell and read the numerous messages that, still today, fill the fortress adoring this character, controversial, and mysterious.

the Villages

Montefiore Conca, Gemmano, Montegridolfo, Montescudo, are the places that marked the border between the Marche and Romagna, between a territory and another. Mondaino, another historical village, beautiful, organizes in the month of August is a magnificent historical re-enactment that celebrates the peace treaty between Federico da Montefeltro and Sigismondo Malatesta. They organized themselves and games to dances and celebrations, just like now. It still happens, strictly in costume, around the 20th of August.

The nature

If you adore nature and you love to immerse yourself in it, there are two possibilities really delicious in the vicinity of our hotel. Nordic Walking, mountain biking, and much more: everything is viable in the “Conca Park”, bicycle and pedestrian path along the river that bears the same name. Part from the area of the Aquarium (close to us) and comes to touch the city of Morciano: a path immersed in the green and full of fauna and wonderful to contemplate. Toward Gabicce, instead, the south side, there is the natural reserve Park of San Bartolo. If you love the sea views and the scent of the gorse bushes we highly recommend a stroll overlooking the cliffs. Enjoy a unique glimpse of Italy on the beautiful bay of Fiorenzuola di Focara.

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