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The beach

Cattolica is a pleasant and desired because his every tourist service truly offers something unique and special!

For example, plants in the sea are true islands for fun in the most pure and the deepest relaxation.

The catholic can boast of the most creative and original sequence of the beach areas of the coast. Alternate on our waterfront mix imaginative architectures, the bathing, sport equipment, and services for various and countless activities right next to the sand.

so relax

Imagine the morning, sunny and hot afternoon of your holiday, interspersed with dives, super refreshing and rejuvenating. All of this is reality! Whirlpools, waterfalls, swimming pools, the water blue and inviting are just some of the wonderful recreational opportunities that it offers the facility agreement with us, in the Area is 99.

..and animation

But that's not all: in addition to relaxation to the most pure, the Zone 99 offers many activities for those who love to spend a day at the beach in an active way. The plant is sparkling initiatives! Animation, group dances, aqua-gym...all at your disposal! A real vacation within a vacation.

Of course, those who want to stay in shape even on the beach, you can do it! The fully equipped gym will allow athletes to perform regular personal training also to the sea. So you do not lose the rhythm and you are not likely to frustrate the results gathered after many days of training!

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